Hot Little Pool (Vol. 1)
Opening: 8.12., 6 PM
@Lobe Block Berlin, Böttgerstraße 16, 13357 Berlin
Opening hours: 12–6 PM

Artists: Emma Adler, Malte Bartsch, Arno Beck, Volo Bevza, Johannes Bosisio, Billie Clarken, Anna Ehrenstein, Lukas Glinkowski, Rute Merk, Metahaven, Katja Novitskova, Emma Pidre, Victoria Pidust, Manuel Resch & Maximilian Maria Willeit, Aaron Scheer, Marta Vovk

Hot Little Pool is a cross-disciplinary artists’ network that focuses on discovering and augmenting realities where analog, digital, and virtual forms of expression converge.

“Hot Little Pool” is intended to be taken literally; the artists chosen are representative of a young, progressive pool of creatives who actively influence one another and build a loose network of relationships.

With the exhibition Hot Little Pool Vol. 1, a diverse variety of works from different media will be presented together for the first time at Lobe Block Berlin, a brutalist terrace building, designed by Berlin’s renowned architect’s offices Brandlhuber + Emde and Burlon / Muck Petzet Architekten.

The 17 participating artists’ bodies of work are mostly transmedial, including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, film and installation. Even though the works are not explicitly related to one another, there is still a common thread. They come closer to a notion of Hyperreality – “in terms of elimination of a divide between reality and simulation”, to say it in the words of American music director and writer Lil Internet. As a result, the artists tackle related topic units, such as reality vs. fiction, man and machine, dream and trauma, which they individually question and comment on.

The curatorial team of Hot Little Pool is made up of Berlin-based Ukrainian artists Victoria Pidust and Volo Bevza, as well as art curator Katja Andreae.
The three have been working together since they first met in 2020. They came up with the concept for Hot Little Pool as a result of their prior expertise and thematic focus.

Side note:
Although the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is not directly addressed in the exhibition or overall mission of Hot Little Pool, the curatorial team believes it is still an important topic to bring up.
Two of the Hot Little Pool’s three curators are of Ukrainian descent. They deal with the challenges in their country on a daily basis in both their professional and personal lives. In the battle against the aggressor, unity and assistance from one another are more crucial than ever. The idea and the people of Hot Little Pool are also the driving forces behind these values. We aim to connect with one another and create a multifaceted network that encourages and supports each other.