Aaron Scheer (born 1990 in Ahlen, Germany) is a Berlin-based artist who uses technology to create abstract prints or ‘digital paintings’. He creates digital works on his computer, as well as various apps on an iPhone or an iPad by mimicking brushed paint effects and expanding the field of their applications, among other techniques.
Through his process Scheer explores the possibilities of new technologies by working with and subverting them, while the technological layering of marks in his completed works expands the notion of what painting can be in the digital age.

Aaron Scheer received a B.Sc. from Münster University of Applied Sciences, Münster, Germany in 2015 and an M.Sc. from School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg in 2018.
His works have been displayed at various European institutions, including Berghain, Berlin, Germany (2021); KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin, Germany (2021); Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (online); ANNKA KULTYS GALLERY, London, UK (2020); Office Impart, Berlin, Germany (2020); Salón Acme (solo project with ANNKA KULTYS GALLERY), Mexico City, Mexico (2019); Off Site Project, London, UK (2018) and Gothenburg’s International Art and Design Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden (2017).

DaNA XIII” and “DaNA V” from solo show “Please enter TITLE here” @annkakultys