Maximilian Maria Willeit (born 1996 in Bozen, Italy) and Manuel Resch (born 1997 in Bozen, Italy) have been working as a collaborative duo in abstraction since 2016. In their paintings, an interlocking and shifting rhythm, speed, and depth of construction allows for the dissolution of the individual in each work; a process that the artists themselves find enriching.

“Their collaborative works introduce semi-comprehensible structures of abstraction embodying geometric configurations and collages arranged into a remarkable visual rhythm on canvas. Τhe artists’ paintings seem to convey a range of narratives inspired by the post-internet age where the digital themes are completely widespread nowadays. Given the digitally rendered texture made by airbrushed techniques, spray paints and acrylics, the artists offer an unordinary perplexity with manifold dimensions into their vague visual compositions. Executed with vivid colours, thick flares of wavering brushes construct their visualizations and reflect dynamic landscapes that characteristically showcase a noteworthy coherence in style and atmosphere.” – Yannis Kostarias

Untitled 2022, 2022, 155 x 150 cm, Textile and Pigments on Canvas