Emmanuel Joan Ramon Pidré Starosta a.k.a Emma Pidré (born in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentinian/Spanish artist working between Berlin, Basel and Mexico City. He is currently completing his master’s studies from the FHNW – Institute Art Gender Nature in Basel, under the direction of curator Chus Martínez.

Pidré uses installation as a model for reflection on the tensions between subject, object, space and power relations mediated by desire, eroticism and structures of oppression. His work emerges from the spectrum between the digital and the material, represented in hyper-aesthetic bodies that intercept space or confront the individual navigating through it. This same narrative in turn investigates the relationship between machine, worker and methods of production. Using repetition and computerized tools, his work is infected by the alienation of postmodernism rooted in a dystopian cyberpunk vision crossed with post-internet art, and the resignification of the gothic mixed with the techno/IDM subculture of the 90s. Part of his reflection touches on the appropriation of “low” culture aesthetics and its elements by upper class society and vice versa, with the intention of opening a dialogue on the viral nature of cultural codes and the eroticism and desire behind rejection of the “other”.

“I thought I died so I bought some diamonds” Volcanic stone, amethyst, piercings, acrylic/steel spines, resin, steel, paint 70 x 60 x 40 cm, 2021, Photo by Daniel Hölzl